4ou 2x 3x ... LAP

mack strathdee
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4ou 2x 3x ... LAP

Indlæg af mack strathdee » ons sep 06, 2017 4:20 pm

LEMVIG cover to Graz ... tied by 2x4o and 3x4o ... mouritsen suggested TRYK 78-79 ... will have to check
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23/10 lemvig - rec 25/10 graz
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Brian Johansen
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Re: 4o -- ?? 2x 3x ... LAP

Indlæg af Brian Johansen » tors sep 07, 2017 8:11 am

first, you need to state what the problem is, posting pictures with red circles without any text isn't productive.
second, please provide at least some indication that you actually looked for a solution yourself.
third, please provide pictures of at least half decent quality, or you'll find noone willing to attempt to assist you.

a minor detail to add is that you already recieved some information on this item on facebook - please provide that information to the users here as not all are on facebook and there's no need for people to do the work twice.

homework suggestions: read volume 1 on production of the bicoloured (you'll find the answer to some of your red circles there) learn to tell maingroups apart, then learn frametypes or these. move on to ovalmatrices.

suggestions to advanced homework, learn perforationmachines


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