18 og 77 omv. serien: gammel nyhed (B46) og tilføjelse til LN (B69)

Bernd Stein
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18 og 77 omv. serien: gammel nyhed (B46) og tilføjelse til LN (B69)

Indlæg af Bernd Stein » søn feb 04, 2007 1:00 am

In his last article Michael gave the good advice not to forget the older literature about
the bicoloured. Just a few days later a had to make use of his suggestion, when I found
a stamp from 4ø1 with one of the biggest frame-flaws of this series - a rather big dot to the
right of the VNV ornament and to the left of D from DANMARK.
And I couldn't find it in Lasse Nielsen's book ?!
But a look in Henrik Mouritsen's article about the "18 og 77 omv. serien" in NFT 4/1995 was helpful:
it can be found on position B46. I do not know why LN did not mention it - despite it looks quite
accidental, this RF can be found from 4sk13 to 8ø2. The scan shows 4ø1, 8ø1b and 8ø2.
rf5-146.jpg (90.34 KiB) Vist 1747 gange
For RF 5.169 - the famous two missing feathers in the fan NV, see front page of NFT 4/1995 -
LN (pg. 1297) gives only "le. fan f. 50ø1", but as you can see in the following scan, this flaw already
appeared from 8ø1b (which was printed before 8ø1a according to Henrik Mouritsen).
The scan shows 8ø1b, 8ø1a and 50ø1b. And it should be mentioned, that in the later prints
of this setting (4ø2, 8ø2, 25ø2 and 16ø2) this flaw is not that distinct anymore.

Bernd Stein, 03.02.2007
rf5-169.jpg (131.23 KiB) Vist 1747 gange


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