Flere ubeskrevne RF i Setting 15 DVI

Bernd Stein
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Flere ubeskrevne RF i Setting 15 DVI

Indlæg af Bernd Stein » søn aug 17, 2008 2:00 am

Three more undescribed RF from setting 15 (DVI)

The following scan shows 4c2 24, 5c2 25 and 10c2 42 with their characteristic frame-flaws
(though yet not described):
cliche 15.24 has a coloured dot between second feather and middlefeather in SSØ (only 12c2-10c2, not in 5c2);
cliche 15.25 has a small coloured dot between middlefeather and second feather VSV
and another bigger dot between inner and outer frame-line in NNØ;
cliche 15.42 has a small dent in the upper frame line, probably used before as 14.176 !?
(Hej Michael, what is your opinion about this "vandrekliche"?)
All these flaws seem to be constant in setting 15 as it looks from the full sheets of the postal museum.

Bernd Stein
4c2 24  + 5c2 25 + 10c2 42.jpg
4c2 24 + 5c2 25 + 10c2 42
4c2 24 + 5c2 25 + 10c2 42.jpg (224.27 KiB) Vist 322 gange
15.24 + 15.25 + 15.42 detail.jpg
15.24 + 15.25 + 15.42 detail.jpg
15.24 + 15.25 + 15.42 detail.jpg (138.17 KiB) Vist 322 gange

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Re: Flere ubeskrevne RF i Setting 15 DVI

Indlæg af MichaelLercheNielsen » tirs aug 26, 2008 2:00 am

Hi Bernd,

How wonderful to learn about the increasing interest in Setting 15. I recently bought a block of four 4 Cents print 2 with some other unrecorded minor - but seemingly stable - frame-flaws. I am therefore convinced that a lot more could be done here. But as you can hear from this, I haven't worked on the DVI-prints in any details at all.

As to your three new frame-flaws I haven't registered any similar in setting 14 as yet. The poor quality of the print in these 4- and 8øre prints, however, may easily mislead and you need a lot of material to compare. For instance one of my A96 in 4øre print 11b shows exactly the same dent in the upper row as your 10 cent, whereas my second stamp form that position has no trace of it, or rather some undescribable turbulence in the frame in stead.

Whether your 10 Cents stamp fits the cliche you mention, 14.176, is difficault to determine for me because I have no way of checking the exact stamps behind the drawn frame flaws in Lasses book. I have a stamp from the same vertical row (6th row) with a slightly wider dent as the one drawn by Lasse Nielsen, but still roughly at the same place. The rest of the characteristics on this cliche, however, do NOT fit in any way with your 10 Cents esp. the upper right fan. This fan on A96 by the way, doesn't fit either.

I would therefore add a questionmark to your identification and appeal for future studies. A copy of your scans of the full sheets in the Postal Museum might be a good start. I work with the facsimile sheet of 4 Cente print 2 made by KPK some decades ago...


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