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5ø3 grå felter B26, B38, B46, B81 og B95

: ons jun 20, 2007 2:00 am
af Bernd Stein
While working with my 5 øre stamps from print 3, I found five positions,
which are listed as "grey fields" in LN's book (pg. 488):
B26, B46 (mindre perlefejl), B81 (stor perlefejl) and B95 have neither OF nor OM (see first scan),
but B38 has a clear OM.3 (see second scan).

Bernd Stein
5ore3 B26, B46, B81, B95.jpg
5ore3 B26, B46, B81, B95.
5ore3 B38 OM.3.jpg
5ore3 B38 OM.3
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