25 øre OF9 - og andre gode sager II

Ed Mildenhall
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25 øre OF9 - og andre gode sager II

Indlægaf Ed Mildenhall » tirs aug 14, 2007 2:00 am

Further to the comments of Henrik Ballund and Bernd Stein with regard to the 25ore OF9, viewtopic.php?f=15&t=577, I attach two scans from printings XI and XII/XIII which confirm that the coloured dot on the 'A' is only present from printings VI to X. Also attached is the data from my files showing what I think LN OF9 should be. (I still use the old OF numbers first allocated by Thorvald Halkjaer in the early '80s but have inserted the 'LN OF' numbers in brackets on the data grid.)

Best wishes,

Ed Mildenhall
Victoria, Canada

25o-XI.jpg (139.74 KiB) Vist 134 gange

25o-XII.XIII.jpg (141.76 KiB) Vist 134 gange


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