16 øre Tryk 8 pos 16 med OF.1.82

Eric Johansen
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16 øre Tryk 8 pos 16 med OF.1.82

Indlæg af Eric Johansen » tors dec 30, 2021 1:57 pm

The position of OF.1.82 in Printing 8 is not specified in Tofdata 8.06:
OF.1.82.jpg (55.96 KiB) Vist 153 gange
I have a stamp in my collection which I have identified as Printing 8 with OF.1.82:
Tryk 8 Pos 16.jpg
Tryk 8 Pos 16.jpg (70.59 KiB) Vist 153 gange
The spot in the oval has the same position and shape as OF.1.82 so is probably not a simple coincidental spot.

Based on the various frame flaws, it is position 16 with RF.27.16. I believe the perforations are KI from the 6th row which is consistent with position 16.
RF.27.16.jpg (60.87 KiB) Vist 153 gange
Comments in English or Danish are welcome.

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Eric Johansen


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